Thursday, April 15, 2010

lobbies and bedrooms

i dont think i can be one of those people again. not that i dont want to. i cant. there are people sleeping uncomfortably on chairs, the floor, up against the vending machine. They moved her to this part of the hospital. i blocked out the fact that it could be because she's worse. but just 10 minutes prior, before she moved, no one camped out.
i stood there and looked at them repositioning themselves knowing that they were thinking that if they could just move a little bit and get to a comfortable spot without the hard edge of the chair digging in to them or the draft blowing right in there face or their head covered enough so they didnt hear the Code Blues over the intercom, they could fall asleep just for a little bit. at least until they were awaken by their arms or legs tingling and numb.
i cried and cried. i havent cried in a month.